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What is Google Analytics 4?

Ever since December, GA4 has been on the hot spot of the marketer’s talks. Opinions divide between so many improvements but oh boy! such a confusing setup.

“Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web) is a new kind of property, with different reports than what you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics properties. One advantage of a Google Analytics 4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together. Universal Analytics properties only support websites. Read the announcement to learn more.”
-Google Support

Google Analytics 4 is the…

Book Series

This book has definitely been one of the books that have made the most immediate impact and actually made me THINK. It’s one of those books you want to start gifting to friends and family, although some may get a bit angry lol. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

After reading the book and reflecting on it, I take 4 important pieces about how and why we lie.


this is not an exact replica of how the book is built or how the author presents it.

Facebook Series

When you launch a Facebook Ads campaign, tons of questions can come into your head.

Is it working? How can I make it better? Should I increase the budget?

Let’s dive right into understanding how to read your campaign’s performance and improve based on data!

Here are the questions that we will answer in this post:

  • What devices do people use when they view my ad?
  • How many unique people did my ad reach across different platforms and what were their demographics?
  • Which age range is most interested in my campaign?
  • Is there a specific region where my ads are…

Facebook Series

If you’ve ever run ads, you may know the term lookalike audience. A lookalike audience is an audience created from a source that looks for similar people from the original form.

This type of audience helps you target people similar to ones that already know your business and have interacted with you.

Let’s say you have a nice looking engaged audience on Instagram and you want to get more engaged followers. You could create a lookalike audience from people who have commented or interacted with your IG in the last 90 days. …

In 5 minutes or less.

If you google “growth marketing?” rn, you’ll get over 1,220,000,000 results.

Facebook Series

This may be a very technical post, but if you are starting out in the ads world, this will answer questions you may not even know you had!

We are paying Facebook to deliver our ads and stuff, but HOW is that we pay for that? And I don’t mean “with a credit card” lol 😜

Do we pay per click? Per impression? Per conversion? 🤨

There are different ways to get charged. You can select getting charged by the click, by views, or by conversions. You should always choose according to your goals.

Let’s talk about price, baby.

Ok, that wasn’t as funny as…

Facebook Series 2

How and why people see ads?

In this blog, I will explain why some ads and campaigns are much more expensive than others and how the algorithm of quality works. I hope this helps you create better and lower-cost campaigns :)

The system of the ads world on Facebook works by seeking balance in 2 specific aspects:

  • Being relevant for the users that see your ad
  • Creating value for advertisers by showing your ad to their target audience

This is achieved by holding actions. These auctions are not as typical as the winner is not the one with the highest…

Facebook Series 1

What is 1 thing (amongst many others) that successful companies do?
Test and learn.

Experiments will tell us whether a strategy is effective or not so much and how to assess and achieve effectiveness while understanding more about your audience/ads.

“A culture that embraces rigorous and data-driven decision-making will elevate a business on multiple levels to get results for what is at the heart of every primary business objective: growth.” Facebook IQ

In this post, I will address 2 types of experiments: randomized control trials and A/B tests.

Randomized Control Trials

RCT are experiments in which you test a hypothesis by introducing a…

[Digital Analytics Review CXL [7/12]]

This post is the seventh of a 12 posts series.

In previous posts, we talked about how to set up your website and GTM account for success, and how to actually get in there and create those tags. So far we’ve covered the basics but today we’ll jump in the GTM world for eCommerce.

We should start by comparing what is Ecommerce (in GA) and what is Enhanced Ecommerce.

“The core difference between Enhanced e-commerce and Standard e-commerce is that the latter primarily tracks transactions on the Order confirmation/Thank-You page only, whereas the former allows…

[Digital Analytics Review [6/12]]

This post is the sixth of a 12 posts series.

In the previous post, we reviewed all the terms we will be using and started setting up the GTM account before actually creating tags, triggers, and everything else. Today, we will be actually setting up the famous tags that will give us the juicy information we want to track.

In this post, we will do 3 specific things

  1. Create a PageView Tag
  2. Create a Click Tag
  3. Set Up an Ad platform Pixel

There is one more thing we need to do before diving in, which will be EXTREMELY useful when…

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